Virtual Backpack

The virtual backpack is a page for distributing information from non-profit, intergovernmental agencies, and business partners in an eco-friendly way to our students/community. 

If you are interested in adding events/activities from your organization, please email a PDF to Genoa Kingston CUSD 424 in care of  for approval.  Please send at least one week prior to the desired posting date.  Please include a contact name, phone number, requested posting dates, title for backpack, grade level and any other pertinent information regarding the posting.

Materials posted are the responsibility of the organization posting and endorsement by Genoa Kingston CUSD 424 is not direct nor implied.

Posted Through  

All Family Cooking Class 5/21/2017
2nd-5th Stars of Tomorrow
K-5th Kids Cooking Class
K-6th Early Bird Registration (front) 3/16/2017
K-6th  Early Bird Registration (back) 3/16/2017
All Faith UMC 3/13/2017
All KRSA Winter Program 3/10/2017 
All NIDC Dance Classes
Ages 5-16 NIDC Art Classes
Pre-5th February Art class
All Young Chefs  2/21/2017
K-8th GK Baseball Camp 2/19/2017
K-8th GK Baseball Camp Registration 2/19/2017
 All GK Girls Softball  2/16/2017
All Trivia Night 2/16/2017
 All Culvers t1d Flier  2/16/2017
 K-5th Genoa Park District  2/8/2017
 All/ Kidz Zone Emoji Party  2/4/2017
 All  GPL  2/1/2017
All  January Genoa Park District 1/31/2017
Ages 5-13 No School Fun Days 1/31/2017
All NIDC Praise Group 1/31/2017
All Lions Christmas Light Flyer 1/31/2017
All Genoa Public Library 1/31/2016
 All Young Chefs  1/17/2016
 All  Kidz Zone- Drop Off  1/13/2017
All FREE Kids Cooking Class 1/4/2017