District Strategic Dashboard Updated

The District Strategic Dashboard is a tool utilized by Genoa-Kingston CUSD #424 to keep the public informed.  It includes excerpts from the District Strategic Plan, Illinois School Report Card, Evidence Based Funding Model, as well as the goals established by the Board of Education, both short and long term.

Clicking on the "Home" tab displays the District's Core Beliefs, and the District's Mission Statement.

Clicking on the "Indicators" tab brings up district demographics, as well as other information pertinent to the decision making and education process utilized by the staff and the Board of Education such as:

  • Student Achievement Information
  • Programs/Services/Curriculum
  • District Financial Information
  • District/Community Relationships and Partnerships

Clicking on the "Strategy" tab takes you to the page that displays the goals set by the Board of Education in the District Strategic Plan.  We are in year two of a five year plan, and there are some new goals, as well as some updated goals as the district works toward achieving all the goals in the plan.  To access the District Strategic Dashboard, go to www.gkschools.org, click the menu button at the top of the page, then choose District Strategic Dashboard.  Or, you can just click the link below, and then be sure to save the link in your favorites to keep up with the changes as we make progress.


I would like to personally invite you to contact me if you have any questions about the information you find in the Dashboard.  We are excited about the progress we have made, and look forward to the advancement of the district as we continue to apply the Strategic Planning Model to our district.  You can also keep up with district happenings by following me on Twitter at GKCogsGM and/or Facebook at brent.odaniell.1.  And don't forget our district hashtag #GKCogs.

Thanks in advance for checking out the great work being done in the Genoa-Kingston School District, and as always, "It's A Great Day To Be A Cog!"

Brent O'Daniell