Alternative Learning Days Update

Genoa-Kingston CUSD #424 Use of Alternative Learning Days 

Dear Genoa-Kingston CUSD 424 Families:

In October, the Board of Education passed a resolution for the option of using Alternative Learning Days in lieu of snow days.  They MAY be used beginning January 4, 2020.  Below is our Alternative Learning Plan for 2019/2020.


Alternative Learning Days will be announced as soon as possible but no later than 6:00am using our automated calling system, email, social media, and through our website, 

K-12 teachers will share lessons and expectations using either Google Classroom, an email by 9:00 am, or will send instructional materials home with students the evening prior to the announcement of an Alternative Learning Day.


We expect teachers to be available to be in communication with students throughout an Alternative Learning Day.  Minimal teacher expectations are to monitor their email and/or Google Classroom from 9:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm.  


Teachers already have and will continue to help the students practice how to access the Alternative Learning materials while at school.  Teachers will be taking attendance online or from the students’ completed assignments. Ideally, students who are conducting their Alternative Learning online through Google Classroom should check in by 1:00 p.m. on the Alternative Learning day. Attendance for students issued take-home work will be based upon completed assignments turned in within the appropriate time frame. Teachers will allow some flexibility (up to five days) for students that need extra time to get the work turned in due to weather related issues.

General Expectations

In general, students work on an Alternative Learning day will be aligned to the researched based disciplinary literacy and learning objectives for the unit being taught when an Alternative Learning day is used. One of the best pieces of advice we have received from other states is to make sure we do not overwhelm students with work on these days. Students will not be expected to complete 50 minutes of classwork and 30 minutes of homework for each class. The law requires five (5) clock hours of instruction and appropriate learning opportunities for all students’ needs.  Student work will be relevant, meaningful, and manageable for them. Should a circumstance, such as a power outage, not allow a student to complete the assignment, that student will be given adequate time to make up the assignment without penalty.


Should teachers or students encounter any technical issues on an Alternative Learning day, the technology staff and the administration will be available as they are also working during the Alternative Learning day.


While this has been happening in states around us for the past few years, this is brand new for our district. Please feel free to email me directly or contact your student’s principal or teacher(s) with any questions.


Brent O’Daniell, Superintendent