School Cancellation Notice

As of his press conference of 4pm on Friday, March 13th, Governor JB Pritzker is closing all schools in Illinois in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  His executive order states schools will be closed on Tuesday, March 17th through Monday, March 30th. Because we have been preparing for this possibility, we have prepared our staff and students to activate our Alternative Learning Plan prior to leaving school today.  

Therefore, all Genoa Kingston Schools will not have students in the building beginning Monday, March 16th, but will be involved in our board approved Alternative Learning Program up to and including Monday, March 30th.  For now, students are scheduled to return to classes on Tuesday, March 31st. In addition, all activities, both school sponsored and non-school sponsored on all our campuses are cancelled for this time period as well, including over spring break.

Near the end of the school day today, all students were informed of this opportunity, and should either have a packet of homework to work on for five days, or should have a digital device to engage in online learning.  This will be the method of instruction for all students during this period of time. If there comes a time that this instructional method is interrupted or changed, we will notify everyone in as timely a manner as possible.  Because our Alternative Learning plan has been approved by the GK board, and by our local Regional Office of Education, these days of instruction prior to spring break will NOT have to be made up at the end of the school year.  Attached is a copy of our board approved Alternative Learning Plan. Genoa Kingston CUSD #424 Alternative Learning Plan for FY 2019-2022 (1).pdf If you have questions as your student(s) engage in alternative learning, please contact your student’s office for assistance.

We will still honor our spring break already scheduled for Monday March 23 through Friday March 27th.  No instruction will occur at this time.

As I have previously stated, the COVID-19 pandemic changes frequently, and sometimes drastically.  We will continue to strive to keep you informed as we work through this unprecedented time together.  


Brent O’Daniell