GK Student Meal Distribution Plan

Starting tomorrow, Monday March 16th through Friday March 20th, we will have a breakfast and a lunch available every day for each GK student that expresses interest in this program.  We will have FIVE (5) pick up locations within the district each day.  Meals will be available for pick up at each location from 9am until 11am.

If you live in the Village of Kingston, your pick up will be at the Genoa Kingston Volunteer Fire Department in Kingston.

Another option will be in the parking lot at Genoa Kingston High School.  We will have a bus in the parking lot with meals ready to go.   However, remember, the school is closed, and no one will be allowed in the school building.

If you live in Genoa, we have three options for you.  We will have meals available at the Genoa Vets Home, City Hall, and the Masonic Lodge.

If you live outside of either of these communities, we need extra information.  We need to know how many students we are feeding, and we need to know your physical address so we can get meals to you.

Once again, please send an email to foodservice@gkschools.org if you are interested.  In that email please let us know your GK students names, where you would like to pick the meals up, or your address outside of Kingston or Genoa so we can find you.

Again, pick up will be from 9am-11am daily, and each GK student will receive two meals, a breakfast and a lunch.

If you have questions, please let us know.  We are learning as we go as well.

Brent O'Daniell