COVID-19 Update 3/16/20

Dear GK Families and Community;

Operation Feed GK was a great success!  We provided 308 meals for our students today!  We will continue providing meals through this week.  If you have already replied to our email we are planning to provide meals all week for you.  If you have not signed up, it’s not too late! Send us an email to the address above, let us know your child(ren)’s name(s) and where you would like to pick the meals up.  We offer a breakfast and a lunch daily, and they can be picked up at:

Kingston FPD

Genoa Veterans Home

Genoa Masonic Lodge

Genoa City Hall

Genoa Kingston High School Parking Lot

I am attaching a snippet from a message superintendents received from the Illinois State Board of Education(ISBE).  I know there was an article in the Daily Chronicle that contradicted what we are doing with our Alternative Learning program.  That article does not tell the whole story.  As you will see in the snippet, ISBE is ENCOURAGING districts to maintain continuity in instruction.  We are doing that with our Alternative Learning program.  To quote the message from the State Superintendent "It is EXPECTED that schools will provide instruction to students during these Act of God Days through whatever means possible."  We launched our Alternative Learning effort today and it will continue this week.  We are committed as a district to provide learning opportunities to our students through school closures.  We have incredible staff district-wide who are committed to doing whatever is necessary to continue a continuity of learning for students through school closures.   We are also committed to ensuring all students have access and opportunities during our school closures and will continue to reach out with any new or updated educational opportunities.  If you know of a student in need of Internet access, please let us know. We can help with that. 

As we continue to monitor this situation, we should all be mindful of the potential for longer school closures.  While we have no specifics other than the original date provided, I believe it is always in our best interest to be thinking of any possibilities that would extend school closures.  With that said, our administrative team is working day and night to think ahead, plan ahead and collaborate on what’s best for the students and staff we serve in the event that this closure is extended.

We remain united together as a school community.  As always, I am available to you through this process and will continue to communicate information regularly.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Stay GK Strong!

Brent O'Daniell      

ISBE Guidance.JPG