Easter Weekend School Update

Good evening GK!

We have a few updates to let you all know about!

First of all, we are putting some surveys out on Wednesday.  Students, staff and parents are going to be asked to share input on how our Remote Learning Program is performing.   We would like to get your input, so we can upgrade and make this the best learning experience possible. The survey will be anonymous, unless you choose to put contact information in the survey.  It is not required, and is totally up to you. We are just looking for honest feedback for improvement. You can access the survey two different ways. You can click the link in the email that will be sent to you, or you can visit our website, www.gkschools.org and follow the instructions on the website to the link to the survey.   Please feel free to take the survey for each of your children, as each child's experience could be different.  Just go  back to the link after you complete the survey, and fill it out again!

Our food service and transportation team has been doing a phenomenal job of providing meals for our students since the school buildings have been closed.  As a result, they are not going to work this Friday, or next Monday, as these were days off on the school calendar originally.  Which also means that classes will NOT be held this Friday, April 9th OR Monday, April 13th.

But in true GK fashion, they are going to put together THREE DAYS worth of meals to be distributed on Thursday, April 8th, so our students will have meals over the weekend!!  Thank you for continuing to put our kids first!

Finally, we are planning to utilize another Remote Learning Planning Day.  That is a day that students will not have interactive access with teachers, because the teachers will be working together to plan for instruction moving forward.  It will also give us an opportunity to review the survey results, and implement changes as needed. That day will be FRIDAY, APRIL 17th.

We hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the weather today, and continues to practice social distancing, so that we can get back to our school buildings and back to “normal” as soon as possible.  Have a great week!!

Brent O’Daniell