College and Career Planning 

Picking out a college that suits you interest can be hard. Here are a few helpful links to refine your search.

College Board Big Future
CollegeBoard’s Big Future page allows you to search for colleges and/or careers using their database. The site will allow you to compare and contrast 2-year and 4-year institutions based on tuition cost, majors offered, activities on campus, and more! Search for majors based on the various career clusters or use the Career Finder tool to see what careers could be a good fit for you.

Kishwaukee Education Consortium
Select “Career Tech Ed” on the toolbar. Students in their junior and senior year can choose to try out a number of technical careers by attending Kishwaukee Education Consortium (KEC). Most of the programs allow students to begin earning college credits.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Use this resource to search for careers that are considered highest paying, fastest growing, and have the most jobs, etc. You can search by occupation group, level of education needed, and more!

Transfer plan beyond Kish
This link contains useful information related to Kish's relationship with NIU as well as links to agreements that we share with other colleges and universities across the country.

Illinois State Board of Education 2020-21 Career Guide
Students can use this resource to look into career pathways. 
Financial Aid

Got into the college of your dreams but need help paying for tuition? Heres some links with financial aid help.

Free Aplication for Federal Student Aid

Need help finding scholarships? Heres some links to help you.

Local Scholarships
College Board Big Future Scholarship Search 
College Board Opportunity Scholarships
College Greenlight
Going Merry 
Military Branches
Air Force
National Guard
US Marines
Military Academies
U.S. Air Force Academy
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
U.S. Military Academy
U.S. Naval Academy
Work FOrce
K-2 Job Spot