GKHS: How to get Guidance Support

Student Services Office Assistance and Support

2020-2021 School Year

We understand that this year is starting off with a lot of changes and uncertainties.  Some of our students are completely learning from home, while others are splitting their time between school and at-home learning.  Change and uncertainty can be tough.  The counselors and social worker, Ms. Schiro, Mrs. Wiedmaier (formerly Ms. Fraticola), and Mrs. Mansfield,  are available to help all students to provide support and encouragement as needed.  There are different ways that students can reach out to get help.

  1. Complete the “Request for Assistance” Google form that can be found in one of the following locations:

    1. Under “School Links”on your bookmarks bar of Google Chrome 

    2. On the guidance google classroom

      1. Code for Freshman: crqmunb

      2. Code for Sophomore: aodzsns  

      3. Code for Juniors: 5nipqw6

      4. Code for Seniors:  b6ggzdw  

    3. On the GKHS website:  Go to www.Gkschools.org and select the high school.  Once there go to the guidance office tab and the form will be there.

  2.  Email your counselor/social worker  to request support

    1. cfraticola@gkschools.org (Students A-L)

    2. eschiro@gkschools.org (Students M-Z)

    3. smansfie@gkschools.org (All students)

  3. Let your teacher know you would like to talk with someone and they can reach out to the counselors and social worker.  

  4. Have your parent call us (815)784-5111 or email us your concern or need

Once google form, email, or call is received, Ms. Schiro, Mrs. Wiedmaier, or Mrs. Mansfield will reach out to you one of the following ways:

  1. Emailed pass that is sent to both student and teacher with the time/day for a scheduled meeting in the counselor/social worker’s office

  2. In the case of an emergency, a phone call may be made to your teacher with the request to have you come to guidance.  They will quietly let you know of the request.

  3. A google meet will be scheduled if requested.

If you are learning from home, we are still here for you as well.  Please use any of the above methods to request the assistance and someone will be in touch through a phone call, email, or google meet.