PBIS/MTSS at Genoa-Kingston High School

What is PBIS?

PBIS deals with interventions for student’s behaviors. PBIS works with the schools to promote positive behaviors within the school using a matrix of desired behaviors. PBIS fits within the MTSS umbrella.

What is MTSS?

MTSS is Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and acts as an umbrella for multiple interventions for students. These supports can range from behavioral, academic, attendance, and/or social emotional interventions. The idea is more of an all-inclusive method to supporting students in all aspects of their education.

How does PBIS/MTSS impact students at GKHS?

ESSA- Every Student Succeeds Act- This federal mandate requires a framework for addressing students’ academic, behavioral and social emotional needs.

  • MTSS provides a data-driven framework that helps to identify student needs early on

MTSS can:

  • Improve academic outcomes for students
  • Improve school climate and safety
  • Improve communication among staff in order to support students
  • Support students’ mental health needs
  • Use data to drive instructional decisions
  • Eliminates a ‘wait to fail’ situation- students needs can be identified before failure takes over
  • Provide a systematic approach to supporting all students social-emotional well-being as well as supporting specific students’ needs
  • Reduce behavior incidents
  • Reduce inappropriate referrals to Special Education
  • Improve graduation rates
  • Increase parental support and communication 

PBIS Mission Statement

The purpose of implementing Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions at Genoa-Kingston High School is to create a sense of community through a positive environment in which all members are actively contributing.

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