At Kingston Elementary School CHARACTER COUNTS!

This year at Kingston Elementary School we will continue to emphasize the Character Education program CHARACTER COUNTS! Character Education is a school-wide effort to create a community where positive traits such as respect and caring are modeled, taught, expected, celebrated and continuously practiced in everyday interactions.

Character Education is one of the fastest growing educational movements in the nation today. We believe that our school and our students’ academic achievement can be improved through a quality Character Education program. This year, we will start the year with friendship and then focus on the Six Pillars of Character from the CHARACTER COUNTS! program:

August/September - Friendship

October - Trustworthiness

November - Respect

December/January - Responsibility

February - Fairness

March - Caring

April - Citizenship

May - Turbo

Throughout the year, students will be involved in classroom lessons related to these traits, reading and discussing literature that focuses on these qualities, writing about them and participating in community service activities. Students displaying these traits will be recognized and awarded with a shout out, announced daily during the morning announcements. Then each month we will recognize two students from each class that represent each trait by making them the students of the month Their pictures will go on the bulletin board just outside of the office and group picture will be sent to the newspaper. Names will be announced during our Morning Announcements at the end of each month.

We thank you in advance for your support at home in building these behaviors and attitudes in your children. Not only will these qualities benefit our students during their school career, but in all aspects of their lives.