District Buildings

At Genoa-Kingston School District we have four buildings throughout Genoa and Kingston, Illinois. Our district offices are connected to our high school building (grades 9-12) located in a central location between Genoa and Kingston. The middle school building (grades 6-8) located on the Northwest side of Genoa was formerly the high school until 2003. Near the Southeast side of Genoa is Genoa elementary school (grades 3-5) and Kingston elementary school (grades PK-2) can be found on the Eastern side of Kingston.

Questions or Concerns?

If you are unsure of who to directly contact about a question or concern, please email, info@gkschools.org.

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District Office

image of District Administration building

A: 980 Park Ave, Genoa
P: (815) 784-6222
F: (815) 784-6059

GK High School

Image of Genoa-Kingston High School

A: 980 Park Ave, Genoa
P: (815) 784-5111
F: (815) 784-3124

GK Middle School

GKMS building

A: 941 W. Main St. Genoa
P: (815) 784-5222
F: (815) 784-4323

Genoa Elementary School

Genoa Elementary School Building

A: 980 Park Ave, Genoa
P: (815) 784-3742
F: (815) 784-3731

Kingston Elementary School

Kingston Elementary School Building

A: 100 School St. Kingston
P: (815) 784-5246
F: (815) 784-9049