1st news

First Grade Newsletter

Week of September 26, 2022


This week in ReadyGen we will continue to read text that is non-fiction. We will be asking students to recall information in a text.  


This week we will review and apply the sounds we have covered so far this quarter. This week we will practice reading and spelling with these sounds:

Focus: Short Vowel Sounds

Review: v, y, z, zz, qu, u

 r, w, j, k, e

m, s, t, c/k, p, n, a, f, b, g, short i, d,l,ll,h, o

Tricky Words of the Week

Each quarter we will focus on 25 fry words. Students will practice reading and writing these words. Mastering these words helps students become more fluent in their reading. 

This week we will review the words we have covered so far. 

Focus: Review reading and spelling these words:

at, be, this, have, from, the, of, and, a, to,in, is, you, that, it, he, was, for on, are, as, with, his, they, I,at, be, this, have, from


We will continue with topic 2: addition and subtraction facts to 10. Our focus math fact this week is +5.

Important Information

-Our school hours are 8:00-2:50 each day. 

-Please send two snacks and spill proof water bottle with your student each day. 

-Please send your student to school with a light jacket or sweatshirt each day.

-Please continue to check Seesaw throughout the week for messages.

-If your child is sick or there is a change of transportation, you must call the office

to notify them. 

-Please have your student return the homework attached to this newsletter by next Monday.