3rd Grade Newsletter - September

Math:  Classes have been starting off the year with great focus towards multiplication with relation to addition. We will be applying strategies to add and multiply using number lines, arrays, and other various strategies to aid in mastering the concept of multiplication. Our next area of study is to recognize different patterns within multiplication. Students should be practicing their facts at home everyday.

Reading: Classes have been working hard to work on building their reading stamina as well as the expectations within reading. Students should be reading for 15 to 20 minutes per night. The skills that we are focusing on are identifying Characters’ actions within the story.

Writing: Classes are introducing how to write a narrative piece. Third graders will continue working hard to make the writing process as concrete as possible. “If you can think it, you can INK it!” - Unknown


  • Open House: We will be overviewing our school’s mission statement, talking about important aspects of our curriculum, and touching on some housekeeping things to expect throughout the school year.