3rd Grade Newsletter - October


Classes are progressing through Topic 3 and are now applying the Distributive Property to assist in solving multiplication facts.  We have now covered facts involving the following factors: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10. Students have been shown and continue to practice strategies to solve multiplication problems involving those factors.  Please make sure to have your student continue their fact knowledge at home. It is a 3rd grade expectation to have all facts up through 12 x 12 mastered! Please encourage your students to practice fact fluency at home with flash cards or by logging in to Reflex!


Classes have been discussing characters and their motivations in stories. Our study of “Thunder Cake” is nearing its completion.  Students will be working on our first PBA (Problem Based Assessment) this month. This PBA is part of our new literacy curriculum and involves students doing a writing project. Classes have also begun working on a personal narrative about a time they overcame a fear.


Student led conferences are coming up November 6th and 7th, please mark your calendars.  At GES, conferences are a little different. Students are expected to be present at the conference.  They will be leading you through this conference. If you have not returned your conference sign up sheet, please do so ASAP.  Time slots are filling quickly.  

3rd Grade is going on a field trip!  We will be heading in to observe animals and their adaptations at Brookfield Zoo on October 24.  Please be sure to send in your permission slip if you have not already!