4th Grade Newsletter - October


We are in full swing with guided reading groups and our new reading program ReadyGen.  If you are interested in learning more about ReadyGen please visit us at our Curriculum Night on October 24th.  This month we are focusing on nonfiction texts with an emphasis on text features. We are continuing to answer comprehension questions with text based evidence.  Please have your child read for 30 minutes a night!!! Please be sure to sign their agenda books on a daily basis!


In writing we are continuing to work on Informative/Explanatory essay writing.   Students are actively researching and taking notes on an endangered species of their choice.  They will use the information they gathered to compose an expository essay based on their animal.

Social Studies and Science

In social studies we are continuing our investigation on our country’s regions.  We will be completing the Northeast this month. In science we are working on body systems, forces and layers of the atmosphere (each class focuses on a different topic due to supplies).


We have begun our journey with multi-digit multiplication!  It is crucial that students have their facts mastered for this concept.  Please use flash cards or Reflex if your child needs extra practice. Next month we will begin long division.