3rd Grade Newsletter - November


We have wrapped up Topic 3, and have begun Topic 4 focusing on using multiplication facts to help us divide next week! Classes are discussing the relation between multiplication and division. PLEASE have your student continue their fact knowledge at home.  It is a 3rd grade expectation to have all facts up through 12x12 mastered! Please encourage your students to practice fact fluency at home with flash cards or by logging in to Reflex!


Classes have been working hard studying nonfiction texts and text features. We read an interesting book titled, “The Moon Seems to Change” and discussed how text features help readers locate information about a topic. We are also working on determining the main idea and key details of a text. Classes have also been reading an interesting story titled “The Treasure in the Trees”. We will be discussing the central message of this story over the next few weeks.


Student led conferences are coming up November 6 and 7th, please mark your calendars.  At GES, conferences are a little different. Students are expected to be present at the conference.  They will be leading you through this conference.

The music concert...will be on Monday, November 11.  This entertaining event will be held at Genoa-Kingston High School.  Students should arrive at 6:30 p.m. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. Please make sure your child is dressed in cool, comfortable clothing as it tends to get warm up on the stage being under the hot stage lights!