3rd Grade Newsletter - October

Language Arts: 

Our first unit in reading focuses on understanding characters and their motivations in a story. We are still reading the chapter book “The Case of the Gasping Garbage”.  We will also continue working on a narrative writing piece including characters, events, and a conclusion. Our focus for word work is VC/CV words, as well as identifying nouns and verbs.


Our first topic is underway!  We have currently learned how to use repeated addition and a number line to multiply numbers.  Next week, students will use arrays to show and solve multiplication problems, learn about the commutative property, and discover how division is related to multiplication.  Please continue to have your child use REFLEX math to solidify their math facts.  All students are currently working on mastery of addition and subtraction facts. We begin with addition/subtraction facts because they will be relating these facts to the multiplication and division skills.


Headphones/earbuds are used often in the classroom.  If your student does not have a pair at school, please send them in soon. 

Supplies can gradually be sent in with your student if you have any remaining at home. 

Virtual Backpack -  please be sure to visit the Virtual Backpack on the GK website to check out other information sent out by community organizations. 

Chromebooks must be charged nightly!  We have had multiple students' Chromebooks die this week due to no charge.