4th Grade Newsletter - November

November Newsletter - 4th Grade


We are excited to explore Unit 2 of ReadyGen. This module focuses on determining the themes in literary texts, like tall tales, fables, and mythology. Students will be expected to use text evidence to support their answers.  As a friendly reminder, fourth graders need to be reading 20-30 minutes a night.


We are currently studying division in math.  Students are learning how to estimate quotients along with completing long division problems. This can be quite a challenge if students do not know their math facts! The expectation is for fourth graders to master their multiplication and division facts (0-12) by the end of the year. Please have your child practice their math facts online using Reflex or with flashcards at home on a daily basis.


In Unit 2 of ReadyGen writing, students will be creating a tall tale as our next performance-based assessment. We will use mentor texts from reading to examine how authors use descriptions of characters, along with dialogue between characters, to reveal different traits and themes.

Science/ Social Studies

In science, we are working on body systems, forces and layers of the atmosphere (each class focuses on a different topic due to supplies).  In Social Studies, some classrooms are working on the Midwest, while others are beginning to study the Northeast region.