3rd Grade Newsletter - November

Language Arts: 

This week we spent time reading an interesting nonfiction book titled “About Earth”. We have been looking closely at this text to locate nonfiction text features and discuss the purpose of each text feature. Students have begun working on an explanatory/informational writing piece about a planet of their choice. We have been researching and taking notes on Ducksters.com! Please make sure your student is reading at home as often as possible, as this is the best way to make growth as a reader.


We have been working hard on the distributive property and mastering facts this week! So far, we have learned strategies for 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s. Practicing facts at home is extremely important!

We will now be REQUIRING students to get onto Reflex every single day at home.  All students are working on multiplication and division on Reflex, as it is incredibly important for 3rd grade students to master their multiplication facts.


Remote Learning... please be prepared in the event that we go back to the remote learning model. This can happen any day and with little warning, unfortunately. It would be a good idea to set up a quiet spot for your child to be successful. This might look like a desk or small table with their Chromebooks, notebooks, writing and coloring supplies in arms reach. This will minimize distractions during our learning day. Thank you so much for your support!

Supplies… Students will be bringing some of their supplies to and from school each day due to the chance of going remote. These items include: a student copy of the text we are reading in class, their math books, Chromebooks, and a white board and marker.  There may be some other supplies added to this list, but no matter what, your students will be prepared with their necessary supplies if we go full remote with no warning!