3rd Grade Newsletter - January

Language Arts: 

This month, we read and discussed an Alaskan Legend titled “Frog Princess”. While reading this text, we have been working on determining the central message. We will also be reading a nonfiction text titled “Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to Live”. While reading, we will be learning more about nonfiction text features, and determining the main idea. Students will also begin working on another narrative writing piece.


We have been working hard practicing our multiplication and division facts. As we progress through Topic 5, students are learning how to use a multiplication table as another tool for solving equations. We will also be practicing writing word problems for both multiplication and division equations. It is important that your student continues to practice their facts at home each night. Students will be required to recall facts often in upcoming topics.

We are REQUIRING students to get onto Reflex every single day at home.  All students are working on multiplication and division on Reflex, as it is incredibly important for 3rd grade students to master their multiplication facts.


No School: 1/15 & 1/18

Remote Learning... will continue through January 18. Please be sure your student is prepared each morning at 8:00. 

Our return to in person learning is slated for January 19. Please keep an eye at the district calendar to determine if each Friday is an ORANGE or BLUE day.  Please remind your student of the importance of masks and hand washing, especially while we are in school.