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April Newsletter - 4th Grade


We have begun our final unit in ReadyGen for 4th grade!  Students will read several narrative stories and apply the elements they learn to their own stories. The story Lunch Money will be paired with the informational text, Using Money, to reinforce gaining knowledge from both fiction and nonfiction sources. Please continue having your child read at least a half hour every night. 


We are currently studying measurement and practicing making conversions between different metric and standard units. In addition, we are studying lines, angles, and geometric shapes. The expectation is for fourth graders to master their multiplication and division facts by the end of the year.  Please have your child practice their math facts on Reflex or using flashcards at home on a daily basis.  


As we explore our last unit of writing this year, students can express their creativity through their own short stories.  They will make connections from our book, Lunch Money, by writing about a character who overcomes a challenge.  Please make sure your child is practicing from their weekly word list for the spelling test on Fridays. 

Science/ Social Studies 

This quarter classes will finish up all regions and science units. We will do some cross-curricular work with our ReadyGen unit and economics in Social Studies. Unfortunately we will be unable to host our annual State Float project, but will begin a special unit on the state of Illinois.