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Language Arts: 

This month, we read and discussed Weather Forecasting and Living Through a Natural Disaster.  The students have been so excited to learn about weather patterns. We are starting a research project about Natural Disasters. Students will be researching a natural disaster of their choosing, create a project to showcase their learning and then present their projects. 

In writing, we are wrapping up Opinion Writing. Students have done an excellent job with writing about their opinions and supporting them with details and examples. 


We have been working hard on Telling Time and calculating elapsed time. Students need to practice telling time any chance they get! We also are working on measurement and capacity. Soon we will be moving on to geometry.   

We are still REQUIRING students to get onto Reflex every single day at home.  All students are working on multiplication and division on Reflex, as it is incredibly important for 3rd grade students to master their multiplication facts. 


Map Testing: Mid-May (More information to come)