The Kishwaukee Valley Wanderers are hosting their first annual Clean the Kish event. They are attempting to spread the word. Great community service for the kiddos and families! Use the link below for more information.
12 days ago, Stefanie Hill
Watch out Mrs. Hale!!! KES surpassed their goal in raising funds for the kids healthy heart challenge. They raised over $7500. That means Mrs. Hale gets slimed. What fun!!!! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
16 days ago, Stefanie Hill
Finally!!! KES has little libraries available-take a book-leave a book. They are located on the west side of the building. Open for everyone to use. A special thanks to the Nikki Gudall family and Dr. Pam Farris for the donation of the little libraries. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 1 month ago, Stefanie Hill
little library
Mrs. Wilkinson's class did a fun activity in their classroom yesterday. They each randomly picked a card with a classmate's name on it and then wrote kind compliments to each other. They loved hearing the positive words. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
2W compliment day
A big shout out to our local Daisy Troop for donating Girl Scout cookies to our teachers for Teacher's Appreciation Week. I over heard them say they sold 2,000 boxes of cookies. Wow!!! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
daisy troop cookies
A big KES thank you to the daisy troop for donating books to Mrs. Brouwer's classroom. I love that they came to give them to her in person. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
daisy troop books
One of the best parts of my day is getting to listen to students read! Congratulations to Owen for earning a chance to read with the Principal through our reading incentive. What a great reader you are!!! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
owen reading
KES is so excited for the FFA Petting zoo today!!! It is going to be so much fun!!! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
pz 1
pz 2
pz 3
We are gearing up for the End of the Year ABC Countdown. Mark your calendars and join in the fun!! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
ABC countdown
Kingston Elementary is doing a 4th quarter community service project in collaboration with the GKMS Impact club. Please see the flyer for details. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
about 2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
comm service
It is with great pleasure to reCOGnize Kingston Elementary School's 2019-2020 recipients of the Nikki Gudall Volunteer Award. Kristi Dunn and Carol Glassie gave many hours to KES. Our school is a better place because of volunteers like Kristi and Carol. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
volunteer 1
volunteer 2
Congratulations to Kingston Elementary School's Super Students of the Month for March and the Character Trait of Caring. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
The second grade classes learned so many important safety rules during our ThinkFirst Safety Presenstations presented by Nurse Marci and Street Smart the Robot from Northwestern Medicine. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
marks 4
Mrs. Marks' class had a wonderful class lesson from Miss Malley, our social worker, this morning about kindness! They learned that their words and actions cannot be taken back. Always be kind to one another and watch your words. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
2 months ago, Stefanie Hill
marks 1
marks 2
marks 3
Join us virtually for our Scholastic Book Fair. You can browse through the link below. It opened March 8 - 21, 2021.
3 months ago, Stefanie Hill
Kindergarten Roundup begins today. The hours are 9:00-3:30. Tomorrow it will be 9:00-6:00 and on Thursday it is 9:00-3:30. Bring your child for a quick screener. Bring a birth certificate, 3 proofs of residency and any medical forms you may have. #gkcogs #KESisthebest
3 months ago, Stefanie Hill
k roundup
Congratulations to our February Super Students of the Month for the Character Trait Fairness. #gkcogs #kesisthebest
4 months ago, Stefanie Hill
KES is so excited to announce that we will be hosting an on-line Scholastic Book Fair. It starts Monday, March 8th. All the luxuries of a book fair with the convenience of shopping on-line. Check out the link at:
4 months ago, Stefanie Hill
Miss Timmermann’s and Mrs. Behling's class enjoyed a Cat in the Hat directed drawing on Hat Day! Students also enjoyed a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo and designed hats during STEAM that the animals could wear on Hat Day! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
4 months ago, Stefanie Hill
tb hat day 1
tb hat day 2
Our Turbo-rific social worker got COGGED!!! Congratulations, Ms. Malley!!! #gkcogs #kesisthebest
4 months ago, Stefanie Hill