GKMS Families,

Our students take federally required assessments every spring. These assessments help us understand how our students are growing academically, compared to their peers across the state.  The state uses this information to provide more support and resources to the schools in the greatest need.  The Illinois assessment is called the Illinois Assessment of Readiness(IAR).  Our students will take the IAR on April 5th, 6th, and 7th.  We will use the results of the assessment to help us map out curriculum for next school year.  There are three English language arts assessments and three math assessments.  Students will take one English language arts assessment and one math assessment each day.  Students may choose to bring their own calculators and corded headphones for the computer-based assessment.  

As our students prepare to take the IAR test, I would encourage you to remind your student to do their best. Students perform their best following a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast.  We thank you for doing all you can each and every day to help ensure your student’s success.  They have worked hard all year and this is a great opportunity to show what they know.

GKMS Drama

GKMS Drama will have their spring performance this Friday & Saturday, April 8 & 9, 7:00pm, each evening.  The cost is $3 per ticket and there will be snacks and drinks available for purchase.  The GKMS Art Club will also be selling bookmarks.  Come out and enjoy  The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, written by Mary Lynn Dobson and produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing.  

 Robin Hood, in his never-ending quest to aid the needy, encounters a lovely damsel-in-distress (oddly obsessed with skin conditions); an ever-scheming sheriff who would rather bowl a strike than hit a bull's-eye; a gold-hoarding, bad-guy monarch wannabe; and a good-natured "Town's Girl" who manages to make her way into every scene, whether she belongs there or not. Combine them with an expanding band of spoon-wielding Merry Men whose collective IQs equal six, and the Fawning Ladies who worship the Evil Prince John (boo hiss boo hiss!), and you’re on a jaunt through Sherwood Forest you won't soon forget!

As always, please contact me with any questions at or call me at 815-784-5222.


Craig Butcher

Principal GKMS

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4/5-4/7–IAR Assemment

4/8–Spring Drama Performance at 7pm @ GKMS

4/9–Spring Drama Performance at 7pm @ GKMS

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5/5–6th Grade Field Trip to Walcamp

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