image of Genoa-Kingston school district #424 school registration 2023-2024

Registration Opens Tuesday, May 30, 2023

2023-2024 registration starts on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 through your Skyward Portal! Online registration is a simple process that will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Your student(s) must be registered and all school fees paid by the first day of school, Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

New students, please visit

If you need assistance with online registration or you do not have access to a computer or internet you may contact (815) 784-6222 ext. 1710. 

2023-2024 School Fees

All school fees are due by the first day of school.

Payments can be made at any of the school offices, the District office, by mail and online at There is a nominal fee for using the online fee payment option, which will be itemized before submitting your transaction. The financial institution processing the payment retains the fee. The District does not have access to the card information or benefit from the fee. Payment plans are available; however, the balance must be paid in full by December 1st of that registration year. Unpaid fees will result in altered access to Skyward, restricted participation in extracurricular activities and all balances turned over to the District's collection agent. In the case of driver's education, KEC, and dual credit classes students may be withdrawn for non-payment of those fees.

Basic Registration Fees

Pre-K (one time registration fee of $25)  | $160/month
Elementary School Fees | Grades K-5  | $125.00
Middle School Fees  | Grades 6-8  | $175.00
High School Fees | Grades 9-12 | $240.00

Additional High School Fees (if applicable)

Dual Credit Classes *(Per Semester for a Total of 6 Credit Hours $275.00) | *$275.00
Taught by Kishwaukee College Instructor fee is payable directly to the High School.

Dual Credit Classes *(Full Year for a Total of 12 Credit Hours $550.00) |  *$550.00
Taught by Kishwaukee College Instructor fee is payable directly to the High School.

Dual Credit Classes – Taught by G-K Instructor |  *$50.00
*(Fee is per class payable directly to Kishwaukee College)

KEC Career & Technical Education Fee *(Per Program) | *$50.00
Driver’s Education Fee | $290.00
Physical Education Uniforms MS & HS (please contact your student(s) building for pricing.)

Food Service

Genoa Community School District 424 participates in the USDA sponsored National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. All meals and snacks served meet or exceed the standards required by these programs. The District is committed to providing quality food service to meet the needs of the students, and staff of Genoa-Kingston School District 424.

Breakfast Prices | Elementary, Middle and High School | Grades K-12  | $1.75
Lunch Prices | Elementary School | Grades K-5 | $2.90
          Middle School & High School | Grades 6-12 | $3.00
Milk Price (included in complete lunch) |  $0.50
Ala Carte Milk | $0.50

Free and Reduced Household Eligibility Meal Applications will be available in all school buildings and on our website under the “Food Service” tab beginning August 4, 2023. If you qualify for Free lunch your registration fees may be waived and your student(s) building will be