Greetings GKMS Families,

The first day of school is next Tuesday, August 16th!  I would like to welcome both new and returning families to GKMS.  The first bell will ring at 7:44am, so students will have plenty of time to get to the start of their first class at 7:50am.  There are not too many things as great as the first day of school and being a little nervous is completely normal.  The school staff members will be out in the hallway to begin the day and assist any student who needs help finding a classroom or opening a locker.  This is going to be the best school year yet!

The chart below lists some upcoming important events.  As a reminder, students must have a valid physical on file in order to participate in athletic practices and contests.  Mrs. Crylen, our Band and Chorus teacher, would also like to invite you to sign up for Chorus at GKMS.  Check out this link for more information.  





Who Can Participate

Cheer Practice

August 16th


GKMS Main Gym

7th and 8th Grade 

Cheer Parent Informational Meeting

August 16th


GKMS Main Gym

Parents and their athletes

Cross Country Practice Begins

August 16th



6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

Girls Volleyball Practice/Tryout

August 16th



7th/8th Grade Girls

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or call me at 815-784-5222 with any questions.  Have a Cogtastic weekend!


Craig Butcher

Principal GKMS

Student Drop-Off(Start of School Day)

Students can be dropped off after 7:30am.  When dropping off students please use the student drop-off lane to the east of the main entrance near the orange pylons.  Please pull all the way up to alleviate congestion and speed up the drop-off lane.  

Student Pick-Up(End of School Day)

Pick up students in the pick-up lane on the east side of the main entrance next to the orange pylons.  Please pull ALL the way up to the crosswalk to ensure we do not have the  pick up line extending into the street.  Please do not pull up in front of the school in the bus lane for the safety of our students.