To Receive an Illinois Instructional Permit, students must pass the state written test, vision test and bring in $20 cash or check. Checks need to be made payable to the Secretary of State or S.O.S.

Students will receive at least 30 hours of classroom and instruction from Genoa-Kingston High School. They will also receive 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) from Drive-Rite during their PE time or other arranged time by Drive-Rite.

Click the links below to access helpful resources:

Electronic Blue Slip

After Completion of both phases of driver education course go to:

Then enter your permit number, this will tell you if you have successfully completed driver education. You still need to hold a permit for 9 months, be at least 16 years of age and must have completed 50 hours of practice (10 at night) with a parent, guardian or adult 21 years of age that they have approved of. You will also need to produce the required forms of identification.  See link below for more information: