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Foreign Language Department

Are you passionate about exploring new cultures, communicating with people from around the world, and broadening your horizons? If so, you've come to the right place! The Genoa-Kingston High School Foreign Language Department is a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating the beauty of languages and fostering cross-cultural understanding.


International Club

The International Club began 5 years ago and was previously known as foreign language club. The emphasis used to be on the languages taught at GKHS and the corresponding cultures. We decided to make it more diverse.

We started going to the Milwaukee Folk Festival, where 62 cultures are represented. Students have the opportunity to personally experience global connections at ethnic displays, workshops, mini language classes, and demonstrations. They listen to music, watch dance performances, and can join in to learn new dances. The world café has tables for each culture with food they've never seen nor tasted before. We always go after Thanksgiving, so at the international marketplace students can purchase Christmas presents at an affordable international marketplace.

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