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Genoa-Kingston High School Families,

At GKHS, the “Creed of the Cogs” is a core component of Positive Behavioral Incentives and Supports (PBIS).  The “Creed of the COGS” encompasses four tenets we expect our students to exhibit in various school environments.  These areas are (C)haracter, (O)wnership, (G)et involved, and (S)afety.  Click here to see the schoolwide expectations matrix to help you better understand the behaviors that are expected for each area.  Students who engage in behavior that aligns with our creed categories can earn Hero points from staff members. 

This year we will be using the Hero student incentives system once again. Through the use of Hero, GKHS will be able to reward students for demonstrating positive behaviors throughout the school environment and/or in a remote learning setting. Students will be able to work toward incentives earned by engaging in behavior that exemplifies our “Creed of the COGS”. 

Throughout the year, the PBIS team will host Hero point redemption opportunities where students can cash in their Hero points for incentives like school supplies, snacks, GK gear, tickets to school events, and chances to win gift cards just to name a few. We are in the process of developing redemption opportunities for remote students as well.

When a student earns Hero points, families will receive an email notification. Based on student and parent feedback, the PBIS team is working with staff members to encourage them to communicate to students what behaviors they engaged in to earn Hero points.  

Students are able to access their student Hero accounts to see what points have been earned on the HERO app. Students with Hero accounts from last year can use their previous log-ins on the website and in the new app.  For freshmen who need to create an account, click here to access “Hero- New Users” document.

If you do not have the Hero app, simply search “Hero by Schoolmint” in the app store to download. Resources on downloading and using the Hero app will be posted under the PBIS section of the high school web page soon!

Each quarter, we will focus on a different area or component of the Creed of the Cogs for students to master. Our PBIS focus for the remainder of quarter 2 will be student ENGAGEMENT. 

Examples of what engagement may look like for in-person classes and remote classes are listed below.  This is not an all inclusive list...more communication coming around Q2 focus on engagement soon.

In-person engagement examples:

  • Be on time (through the door) and meet deadlines
  • Look and listen to your teacher and other speakers
  • Follow directions the first time 
  • Be prepared with required materials
  • Check communication tools daily-Google Classroom, Remind, Powerschool
  • Make meaningful contributions to activities

Virtual/remote engagement examples:

  • Logging into the Zoom or Google Meet class on time and for the entire period
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Having camera and microphone on/off at appropriate times
  • Actively participate in activities and breakouts
  • Removing distractions and focusing on class content
  • Follow directions the first time 
  • Be prepared with required materials 
  • Check communication tools daily-Google Classroom, Remind, Powerschool

Our PBIS team is working hard to create resources and materials to help better understand PBIS, Hero, and our initiatives.  We will continue to add these to the PBIS section of the high school website!! 

If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact Ben Owen at bowen@gkschools.org.