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GKHS Students,

Are you ready to redeem your HERO points? The PBIS store is open for business! You can check out the items for sale in the PBIS Store Catalog. Once you have decided which items you’d like to purchase with the HERO points you have earned, click this link to access the PBIS Store Order form: PBIS Store Order Form.

Once your order has been submitted, the PBIS team will compile your items. If you are an in-person student, your items will be delivered to you during your classes. Students who are full remote can come to the high school office to pick up their orders. 


If you do not have enough HERO points to fill your order, the PBIS team will need to fill your order as they see fit. 

Any out of stock items will not be deducted from your HERO points total. 

If you want two of the same items, please fill out a separate order form for each additional item.

Place your order today! The PBIS store will close onMay 14th at 3 pm.  Orders will be delivered within one week of the store closing.  Email Ms. Andrews with any questions.

The PBIS Team