Family Service Agency provides Erin’s Law child abuse prevention education. The curriculums utilized are evidence-based, developmentally appropriate, and meet Illinois legislative and school board mandates. The goal of this education is to protect children and teens from all types of abuse and child victimization so they can grow up safe, happy, and healthy. Family Service Agency utilizes lessons from the Monique Burr Foundation Child Safety Matters and Teen Safety Matters.

The Kingston Elementary School social worker teaches the curriculum at KES.

Why does my student need this education? Click HERE for information for parents and guardians.

The District provides for a comprehensive personal health and safety curriculum including Sex Education at the middle and high school level and age appropriate topics at the elementary level. For more information please contact Craig Butcher, District Health and PE Curriculum Chair, (815) 784-5222.

Curriculum and technology accommodations for students with disabilities are made as appropriate within each student’s Individualized Education Plan.